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Institute MOL Ltd. is authorized by the state for environmental samples analyses, and is included in the international proficiency testing network.

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The analyzes of environmental samples

I must Specialized Physical Chemical analysis of air (ambient air temperature and working environment) analyzer water samples, chemical analysis of soil, sediment, sludge ...

Analyzes of food and other products

Microbiological analysis of foods includes the analysis of the starting materials, intermediates and analysis of the final product. Microbiological analysis of foods are made according to domestic legislation.

Production and sales

We produce and sell all kinds of reagents - analytical, clinical and microscopy. Also, we produce all the other kinds as per your request or sample.

Expert Services

All that, out of the usual framework of testing, what you could not or were afraid to ask if you are not expected to have any experts of all sorts of things, we are here. In line with modern trends that are trying to change.

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We are located at the following address:
Nikole Tesle 15, 22300 Stara Pazova, Serbia.

  • +38122 317 649; +38122/ 317 652

  • +38122 2100325; +38122 2100335


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