Chemical air analyses

MOL’s examinations laboratory is specialised in physical and chemical air examinations (both ambiental and work environment air), for which it is certified by the relevant Ministry.

You can take a look at the air analyses we offer in our accreditation volume, Keep in mind that we can do more than that.

Chemical water analyses

MOL’s examinations laboratory offers analysis of water samples. We conduct sampling and physical and chemical examinations of the samples of drinking, waste, surface and underground waters waste, surface and undeground waters, for which we are certified by the relevant Ministry

You can take a look at the water analyses we offer in our accreditation volume. Of course, we can conduct examinations outside of the specified scope for your needs.

Soil, sediments and sludges analyses...

MOL’s examinations laboratory is accredited for physical and chemical examinations of soiles, sediments, sludges and waste material. You can take a look at the water analyses we offer in our scope of accreditation. If you have seen the previous remark, it will be clear to you that it’s not the limit of our possibilities.

Waste characterisation

On 31.07.2008, MOL’s examinations laboratory was granted by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Republic of Serbia the Certificate to conduct physical and chemical examinations in order to determine basic and hazardous characteristics, according to the Basel convention about the control of international transport of hazardous waste and its storage. The following types of wastes have been included from the Waste Catalogue (Rules on the Classification, packaging and storage of secondary raw materials, Official Gazette of RS 55/2001) - Construction and demolition waste, including the soil excavated from the contaminated sites - Waste from waste processing facilities, facilities for waste water treatment away from production locations and preparation of water intended for human and industrial use - Municipal waste (household and similar commercial, industrial and institutional wastes, including separately collected fractions) You can take a look at the waste analyses we offer in our scope of accreditation. We can do more than that, though... .


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