Field services

MOL Ltd. coordinates its own field service with analyses that our expert team provides in our laboratories so that all analyses are completed as soon as possible with excellent quality and precision. That is possible because MOL Ltd. has excellent communication and organizational skills that are necessary for completion and coordination of even the most complex projects even at large distances.

Our experienced field services team has excellent knowledge and necessary skills that are required for sampling in the field.

Our sampling capabilities are:

• water sampling (surface, drinking, waste and underground)

• sampling of soil, sediments, mud...

• sampling of air and vapors in the open and closed space

• sampling of waste

In accordance with the needs of our clients MOL Ltd. has developed capabilities it's experienced field services team. This flexibility allows us to offer a complete service from sampling to analyses results.

(by the way, our field teams travel 400.000 kilometers per year in total. That’s 10 times the Earth’s radius around the equator.)


We are located at the following address:
Nikole Tesle 15, 22300 Stara Pazova, Serbia.

  • +38122 317 649; +38122/ 317 652

  • +38122 2100325; +38122 2100335


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