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Mol Ltd., founded in 1993. year, is a company for Chemistry, Biotechnology and Consulting. It has a laboratory for sample analysis and testing, which provides a complete service to our clients.

A wide range of services and products that MOL Ltd. offers to its customers consists of:

• analysis of water, waste water, soil, sediments, sludge and other samples from the environment; solvents...

- waste characterization

• microbiological analysis

• analysis of micro-elements including analysis of metals and halogens

• analysis of pharmaceutical and other products

• validation of production processes

• determination of the content of active substances, and development of methods for analysis

• field sampling services

• technical consultations including project management

• analytical and clinical reagents, indicators and other products

Our excellent staff consists of chemists, physical chemists, biochemists, and geologists, as well as from administrative staff. They are all there to meet your wishes. Our variety of education and broad experience provides a laboratory for sample analysis and testing MOL Ltd. all the necessary skills that a modern laboratory for testing requires and must have, becausewe are the experts whom you trust...


Here are certificates that MOL Ltd. has:

• Certificate SRPS ISO/IEC 17025

• Certificate ISO 9001

• Certificate ISO 14001

• Certificate OHSAS 18001

• Scope of accreditation

• Decision on qualifying for the physical and chemical testing of waste

• Authorization for carrying out physical and chemical study of the quality of waste water

Frequently Asked Questions

We do have a pricelist with the individual analyses and services we are capable of offering, and which can be seen here. The listed prices are given orientationally because they can depen on the needs of every individual project. Because of that, it’s a better option to call us at +38122/317649 or +38122/2100325.
The analyses and services you offer are:

- analyses of air, water, soil, sediments, sludges or microbiological analyses

- waste characterisation

- analyses of pharmaceutic and other products

- developing methods

- validation of production process

- determining the contents of active substances

Our laboratory tends to have a standard 10-day time period necessary for analyses completion. However, many factors can influence that, such as the current laboratory capacity, time necessary for samples to be delivered to the laboratory, as well as the time necessary for composing a requested report. Because of that we ask you to call us at +38122/317649 or +38122/2100325 to find out when will your samples be analysed.
Yes, MOL’s examinations laboratory is accredited by the Accreditation body of Serbia (Accreditation number 01-172), according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard, which makes it competent in terms of conducting examinations specified in the scope of accreditation. The company MOL has a Certificate of Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and the Certificate of the system of environmental management in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001: 2004, issued by the certification body Quality Austria.
ATS –- ** Accreditation body of Serbia ** -- is a national accreditation agency that controls the accreditation system in Serbia. Accreditation is a way for ensuring trust on the product and services market because it represents an independent and unbiased rating of the competence of the organisations doing examinations, calibrations, certifications and controlling.
In case you are not sure of what analyses should you request for your samples, call us at +38122/317649 at +38122/2100325 or send us an e-mail and our expert staff will give you the necessary data and introduce you to what analyses do you need.
The answer to this question can be found on the page about laboratory acronyms.

Jobs at MOL

We are looking for exceptional, valuable and capable people to continue to be the best laboratory in our field of work.If your career goals match this vision, please send us your CV to the e-mail address mol@mol.rs or by mail at the following address: INSTITUTE MOL Ltd., Nikole Tesle 15, 22300 Stara Pazova, Serbia. Please specify for which position in our excellent team you are interested.

Currently free possitions at MOL:

Unfortunately, currently there are no available jobs in our company. Nevertheless please send us your CV.

Laboratory location

Our laboratories are designed and organized so that it is provided that it can't come to the mutual contamination of samples. Also our laboratories are organized by their use in order to increase efficiency in the samples analysis performance. Complex projects that require analysis of a large number of samples, isolation of analytes from the samples from which it is very difficult to do, and low levels of detection are routine work in our laboratories.

We are located at: Nikole Tesle 15, 22300 Stara Pazova.

You can contact us at the following numbers: +38122/317-652 and +38122/2100-335

as well as at our e-mail: mol@mol.rs

GPS coordinates: N 44’58,495” E 20’10,042”


We are located at the following address:
Nikole Tesle 15, 22300 Stara Pazova, Serbia.

  • +38122 317 649; +38122/ 317 652

  • +38122 2100325; +38122 2100335

  • mol@mol.rs

Institute MOL Ltd

If you need expert analyses, services, products and advice please contact us because we are experts who you trust...

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